CBVL 2018 Event Details


The BVNE collegiate division is offering special events for select schools for 2018. The next event is a pre-season collegiate beach challenge on October 6th, 2018. This special event will accept pre-registration for free, and final registration must be completed by Monday October 1st.


This event will be pool play followed by single elimination playoffs

  • Teams will be seeded based on coaches recommendation
  • There will be 6 divisions (1-6)
  • Events will be subject to reschedule and relocation due to inclement/dangerous weather
  • All teams will proceed to playoffs, with the top half of the pool going to the gold division, and the bottom half to silver


Team Registration:

Upon registration the coach will need to place a team in a division.



Players are encouraged to wear uniforms, or at minimum matching tops or shirts depending on uniform availability.


Cancellation/Lightning/Severe Weather Policy:


There will be no cancellations prior to the day of the tournament. At 6 am the day of tournament, if dangerous/hazardous weather exists an email will be sent out with instructions to everyone.


Play will be suspended if thunder is heard or there is a lightning strike within visual range of the tournament.


The tournament will not be canceled due to rain.

This event is sponsored by King of the Beach®, Queen of the Beach®, Kauai Bikini, Breakwater®, and Hint water, T3 PowerReady & Tuff Sox.



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